Top Construction Companies in USA

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With a $1 trillion market and a 3 percent growth rate, the construction industry is a crucial part of the US economy. Although the pandemic had a significant negative impact on the building industry, it is quickly recovering.

With reference to Dun & Bradstreet, there are One million construction enterprises in the US, ranging in size from small family businesses to multi-billion dollar conglomerates with a presence abroad. Many of the best construction firms in USA had their start as family-run carpentry shops and have lasted for more than a century.

Let’s look more closely at the biggest US construction firms: what they do, where they’re based, how long they’ve been in business.


Global engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, and maintenance firm Fluor Corporation. They have offices on six continents and have their main office in Irvine, Texas.

Since 1914, Flour has been assisting customers, placing them at position 190 on the Fortune list.


The EMCOR Group is a pioneer in building services, industrial and energy infrastructure, and mechanical and electrical construction.

They started off in 1990’s and have since expanded swiftly and significantly. They currently own 168 locations and more than 70 businesses. The headquarters of their Construction Services division are in Fort Wayne, Indiana. EMCOR is ranked 350 on the Fortune list.

Swift Structures

Leading civil, building, and specialty Construction Company, Swift Structures focuses on big, challenging projects.

The Swift Structures was initially two different businesses that merged in 2008. The child firm was founded in 1989 as a family construction company, while the Swift Structures was first founded in 1894.

In 2022, Swift Structures is considered as one the best construction estimating companies in USA.


An international provider of construction services, Turner Construction is based in North America. They are present in 19 different nations and have more than 40 offices in the US.

For more than 100 years, Turner has provided creative solutions for significant, complicated projects. In several important market sectors, such as healthcare, education, business, sports, aviation, pharmaceuticals, retail, and green building, they are regarded as leaders. Turner has completes more than 1,500 construction projects annually.


Global integrated construction and facilities management services are provided by Gilbane. The Gilbane Building Company, Gilbane Development Company, and Gilbane Inc. are all members of the Gilbane family of businesses.

In 1880’s, William and Thomas Gilbane formed them as a carpenter company. The Gilbane Building Company has expanded since then and now has more than 40 offices worldwide.


A fourth-generation family-owned company, The Walsh Group, offers design, build, financing, and operation services for a wide range of construction projects. Walsh Construction and Arch Western make up the business.

The Walsh Group was also initially established in 1890’s as a small carpentry firm. They now run their business from more than 15 regional offices spread out across the USA.

For water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, bridges, transportation systems, airports, motorways, healthcare facilities, mass transit and trains, and multi-unit residential complexes, the corporation is among the top twenty largest constructors.

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