One of the best music streaming services, Apple Music offers 88 million customers access to over 90,000 recordings. You can choose between a Voice, Individual, or Family Sharing plan after the service’s introductory month-long trial period.

Apple Music | Get Playlists and Albums Inspired by the Artists

We’ll look at the features of the Apple Music Family Enjoying plan, as well as the prerequisites and benefits of utilizing it, so you can start sharing Apple Music with your family.

Apple Music Family

The Apple Music Family Plan utilizes the Family Sharing feature of iCloud. Sharing iCloud services with family members is easy with Apple Family Sharing. These include TV series, literature, music, and motion pictures. You can share the services with up to six users under one family member for just $15/month.

You may share Apple Music with family members via an Apple Music Family membership, enabling them to listen to music on all of their devices. They are free to pick what information to share and what not to reveal, or they can opt not to share anything at all.

Apple Music Family Sharing Requirements

To use Apple Music Family Sharing on your devices, you must meet a few minimal prerequisites. A Mac running OS X Yosemite or later, an iOS device running iOS 8 or later, and an Apple ID are all requirements.

You must first enable Family Sharing for your iCloud account before purchasing the Apple Music Family package. You’ll also require an Apple Music Family Subscription after that, which you can get using the Apple Music app. If you’re signing up for Apple Music for the first time, select the Family Plan rather than the Individual one.

Setup Family Sharing

Follow these instructions to set up Family Sharing on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Tap on your name (iCloud settings) at the top of the Settings app after opening it.
  2. After selecting Family Sharing, select Get Started.
  3. To set up Family Planning on your account, follow the instructions.
  4. You can ask family members to join you in Family Sharing once it is set up.

Apple Music Family Subscription

By signing up for a Family Plan from the Songs app after setting up Family Sharing, you can start streaming music from Apple Music.

You will then be able to start organizing your collection and creating playlists. Everyone in the family should receive an individual iCloud Music Library with unique content, and anyone may opt to share playlists.

Apple Music Free Trial

One of the most popular streaming services available is Apple Music. You get access to more than 75 million tracks in its music library. Free of charge, you can make use of features like downloads and spatial audio.

On the free trial of Apple Music, all of these advantages are accessible. New customers can participate in the trial, which is offered and lasts for one month. Depending on whatever Apple Music plan works best for you, that means you save at least $4.99. You must: activate your free trial.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Apple Music website.
  2. In the top-right or center of the screen, select the Try 1 Month Free button.
  3. To sign up and begin streaming, simply follow the instructions.

Remember that after your free trial of Apple Music expires, you will be charged. If you’re not ready to start paying, you can cancel your Apple Music subscription before that time. Why not follow your friends who use Apple Music if you’re brand-new to the platform? Identify how to use Apple Music to find and follow friends.

Free Apple Music with Shazam

Try claiming Shazam’s Apple Music promotion if one month isn’t long enough for you to enjoy your free Apple Music trial. For a maximum of three months, you can stream Apple Music without charge.

The only place to get this deal is on Shazam’s website. Like Apple’s free trial, you don’t have to purchase to be eligible; all you need is the Shazam app on your smartphone. By pressing a button, Shazam enables you to instantly recognize any music that is being played nearby. From there, you can access Apple Music and start playing it. Even better, you can add it to your Apple Music playlists so you can revisit it later. It makes it simple to find new artists, listen to music, and expand your library.

Apple Music’s free trial with Shazam is as follows:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Shazam website.
  2. Utilize the phone’s camera to read the QR code on the page.
  3. To redeem your deal, simply tap the Shazam QR code at the top of the screen and adhere to the instructions.

Buy Apple Products & Get Free Apple Music

Longer Apple Music trials are now available. Although they are scarce, they do exist. With Apple’s assistance, you can availability Apple Music subscriptions for up to six months. However, they are not inexpensive.

Buying specific Apple products from the Apple Store or online is one way to receive Apple Music for nothing. And yes, you will need to pay money for this one because Apple is not a very friendly company.

Here’s how to use your eligible Apple audio devices to redeem your six-month Apple Music promotion:

  1. Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running the most recent version of Apple software.
  2. Next, connect your iPhone or iPad to an eligible audio device.
  3. Open Apple Music now and log in with your Apple ID on your device.
  4. Alternatively, go to Apple Music redeem web page, scroll down, and click on Get Started.
  5. If the offer isn’t instantly visible in Apple Music, click the Listen Now tab to find it.
  6. Tap 6 months are free.

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